Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Aquarium Water Purification

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Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Aquarium Water Purification
Posting date : Jun 29, 2022
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Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Aquarium Water Purification

Product Description

Yihang honeycomb activated carbon for aquarium water purification treatment with coal, coconut shell as raw material, its two times after high temperature heating firing, making its hardness is greater, water softening, stronger adsorption, low ash, easy to wash, water quality is good, strong acid and alkali resistance. Used for waste water treatment, water purification, organic solvent recovery and adsorption.

Technical principle

Honeycomb activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption role, can remove some organic compound adsorption and achieve effect, use of this principle, we can quickly and effectively remove the harmful substances in the aquarium water quality, smell, and pigment and so on, make water quality directly and quickly improve.

Honeycomb activated carbon for aquarium water treatment is an activated carbon used to purify water. Using activated carbon filter material adsorption method to purify water is to use its porous solid surface, adsorption removal of pollutants or toxic substances in water, so that water purification. 

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