Innovative hydraulic manifold design and manufacturing, AAK has no rival in use and maintenance

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Innovative hydraulic manifold design and manufacturing, AAK has no rival in use ...
Posting date : Jun 27, 2022
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Alexandro is from a logistics equipment company in Brazil. At the end of last year, they developed an airport logistics equipment, which will be promoted at this year's exhibition. Unstable pressure supply and slow response occurred in the commissioning stage, because the inlet and outlet oil flow of hydraulic manifold is unstable. Test each hydraulic valve in the hydraulic manifold separately, and there is no abnormality. Their technical team did not have a solution, but only asked Alexandro to re purchase hydraulic manifold. Alexandro knew that blindly re purchasing hydraulic manifold was tantamount to changing the form but not the content.


After consulting the manufacturers of the original hydraulic valves and hydraulic valve blocks, they all said that they are unable to analyze the whole hydraulic manifold, but they can ensure that their products have no problems. Alexandro is also consulting other hydraulic manifold manufacturers. A week has passed and no reply has been received. The boss also blamed Alexandro for the poor hydraulic manifold in purchasing, and Alexandro was unable to say the suffering.


Alexandro accidentally browsed AAK in Google and left a message: why is the pressure supply of hydraulic manifold unstable? Such questions are not specific and difficult to answer. It is just like the question, what is the cause of a child's fever? A blood test is needed to determine whether it is a virus or a bacterial infection. According to the hydraulic manifold drawings and video of commissioning provided by Alexandro. AAK engineers judge that the problems lie in the design of hydraulic manifold and the selection of hydraulic valves. I replied to Alexandro that AAK can redesign the hydraulic manifold, but it takes 40 days and 6,000 US dollars of development cost. If it fails, the fee can be refunded.


The promotion time is coming, the boss is pressing, but he still can not find a new factory. Maybe Alexandro has to only believe in the hydraulic manifold of AAK. After 40 days, AAK sent the hydraulic manifolds. 1 month later, Alexandro informed that the hydraulic manifold newly designed by AAK had been used for 3 weeks, and the equipment was normal.


Hydraulic manifold design runs through the whole process of design, manufacturing, use and maintenance, especially affected by manufacturing, that is to say, a good hydraulic manifold design cannot be separated from manufacturing. AAK often receives some hydraulic manifold drawings that cannot be processed directly according to the drawings. A good hydraulic manifold designer must be able to analyze the whole manufacturing process. AAK hydraulic manifold engineers consider not only manufacturing, but also the use, because the design is for "use”, such as hydraulic manifold efficiency, energy consumption, stability, service life, and maintenance methods. Innovation is also needed in hydraulic manifold design. AAK hydraulic manifold innovation means that each hydraulic valve is re combined into a new hydraulic manifold, or some new elements are added to the old hydraulic manifold. New things are generated in affirmation and negation, and negation and affirmation. Innovation is just like seasoning. With such a little seasoning, the dish tastes more delicious.


AAK hydraulic manifold runs through the whole process of design, manufacturing, use and maintenance. You can also have a try! 

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