Increase the equipment efficiency by 11% and reduce the energy consumption by 30%. AAK exclusive hydraulic manifold has no rival

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Increase the equipment efficiency by 11% and reduce the energy consumption by 30...
Posting date : Jun 23, 2022
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At the beginning of March this year, Bartolomeo said in an email that he would like to make an appointment to consult AAK about hydraulic manifold problems. Bartolomeo, from Italy, is the purchasing manager of Italpresse Industrie Shanghai Branch. According to the communication, their company developed a hydraulic die-casting machine at the end of last year. The sales volume is just so. The general feedback is that the equipment has high energy consumption and low production efficiency. Their engineers pondered for more than 2 months, but couldn't find the reason, and the boss also had a big headache. Bartolomeo felt that the hydraulic manifold design dragged down the equipment and consulted the original hydraulic manifold manufacturer. However, the manufacturer could not put forward constructive opinions on the hydraulic manifold design. 


Bartolomeo thought of AAK, because AAK had proposed to modify the oil circuit when receiving the inquiry about the hydraulic manifold. According to the design drawings and system schematic diagram of hydraulic manifold provided by Bartolomeo, AAK engineers closed the door and discussed for 3 days, basically found out the direction, and it is 90% determined that there was a deviation in the oil circuit design of the original hydraulic manifold on the hydraulic die casting machine. There is an energy conflict between the original hydraulic manifold oil circuit aperture and the hydraulic valve used, resulting in the slow response of the hydraulic system and the need for additional energy to maintain the operation of the system, resulting in high energy consumption and low production efficiency. AAK can redesign the hydraulic manifold oil circuit and send hydraulic manifold samples within 30 days. Bartolomeo was very happy that AAK found the cause of hydraulic manifold problem at once. The situation was fed back to the boss, who immediately paid for AAK to redesign and test samples.


A month later, AAK sent out the whole newly designed hydraulic manifold. Two weeks later, Bartolomeo emailed to order 20 hydraulic manifolds first to replace those ones on the equipment complained by customers. I was surprised that there was no comment on AAK hydraulic manifold samples but received the urgent order first. Bartolomeo advised that according to the comparison of their engineer’s on-site test run, the die casting machine with AAK hydraulic manifold has a sensitive response, the working efficiency is 11% higher than before, whats more, the energy consumption is reduced by 30%. Their boss asked to order some hydraulic manifolds for emergency use first, and then replace all hydraulic manifolds on the original equipment with AAK shipments. 


AAK has professional engineers with more than 20 years of industry experience from German HAWE company, they have unique experience in hydraulic manifold design, especially in oil circuit design. Combined with the system principle, through the change of the installation form and working area of the hydraulic valves and the innovative and optimized design of the oil circuit of the valve block, and the development and application of new materials, we can produce high-efficiency, energy-saving and durable hydraulic manifolds. You may not find a second such hydraulic manifold manufacturer in Ningbo. 


The day before yesterday, Bartolomeo advised that the customer was very satisfied with the die casting machine replaced with new hydraulic manifolds and was ready to re purchase the equipment. The boss was very satisfied that he spontaneously sought the hydraulic manifold manufacturer to solve the old problems. The boss was going to promote him to take full charge of the work of the Shanghai Branch. 


AAK hydraulic manifolds make your equipment efficient and energy-saving. You can also give it a try! 

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