Intro of organic fertilizer granulator equipment

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Intro of organic fertilizer granulator equipment
Posting date : May 31, 2022
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A drum  natural  plant food granulator equipment is a molding  maker that can make materials into  particular  forms.  Rotating drum  plant food prilling machine  is among the  essential  tools in the compound  plant food  sector,  appropriate for  cold and hot granulation and  massive  manufacturing of high, medium  and also  reduced  focus  substance  plant foods.

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The  primary working  technique is wet granulation of agglomerates.  Via a  particular amount of water or  vapor, the  standard fertilizer is  completely chemically reacted in the  cyndrical tube after  moisture  modification. Produce extrusion  pressure to agglomerate into  spheres.

The staff of Richi Machinery has  gathered many years of experience in the production of compound fertilizers,  as well as the  rotating drum  natural fertilizer granulator  maker  established by our  firm has the  qualities of  attractive  look,  straightforward  procedure, low energy  intake,  lengthy life  as well as  hassle-free  upkeep.

1. Organic fertilizer granulator equipment  attributes:

Less  financial investment,  fast  impact,  great economic  advantage and  reputable performance;

Low power, no  3 wastes discharge,  steady  procedure, convenient maintenance,  sensible process layout,  progressed  innovation and  reduced production  price;

High  sphere  toughness, good  look  high quality,  rust resistance,  put on resistance, low energy  usage;

The  price of  sphere  development  gets to 70%, there is a  percentage of returned  product, the particle  dimension of the returned material is  tiny, and it can be re-granulated;

The  cyndrical tube body of the  plant food granulator machine  takes on  unique rubber plate lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate, which  recognizes  automated scar  elimination and  lump removal,  and also  terminates the  conventional scraper  tool.

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2. Organic fertilizer granulator machine structure  review:

 The entire  plant food pelletizer  equipment can be  split  right into four parts:

( 1 )Bracket part: The entire  turning part of the body is  sustained by the  brace,  and also the force is large.  As a result, the  brace part of the  maker is  bonded with  tool carbon steel plate and  network steel, and  has actually passed  stringent quality control  and also  unique special equipment.

The  natural  plant food granulator  maker  procedure  needs have  gotten to the  function of this  maker. In addition to this, the  more crucial  point is the  sustaining roller  chosen the  rack.  Taking into consideration that it will have  higher  rubbing with the rolling joints of the body, RICHI organic fertilizer granulator  device  manufacturing facility specially selects good anti-corrosion  as well as wear-resistant materials, which  significantly  enhances the  life span of the  natural  plant food pellet mill.

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The wheel  structure also adopts  spreading  incorporated technology,  as well as there are hooks at the four corners of the supporting wheel frame, which is convenient for  filling,  dumping  and also  transport.

( 2) Transmission  component: The transmission part of  the entire organic fertilizer granulator  device is the most  fundamental part of  the entire machine. The main motor  as well as reducer on the frame are ISO  certified  items with  trustworthy  top quality. The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt  and also the reducer to drive the  major shaft to make the body  job.

( 3) Large  equipment:  chosen the body, meshing with the transmission pinion,  and also driving the body to work in the  contrary  instructions. It adopts high-tech wear-resistant  products,  to ensure that the organic fertilizer granulator machine has a  much longer service life

( 4 )Body  component:  One of the most  integral part of  the entire fertilizer maker  device is the body part, which is  bonded with  great medium carbon steel plate,  as well as has a  unique rubber lining plate or acid-resistant  stainless-steel lining plate built-in to  recognize  automated  mark removal,  lump removal,  as well as cancellation.

The traditional scraper device is  taken on,  and also strict quality control  as well as special process  demands are  embraced to  accomplish the  objective of this  natural fertilizer granulator machine.

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The new generation of MZLH420 bio-organic  plant food granulator  maker adopts humanized  framework  and also functional design, the  tools runs more  efficiently, the  upkeep is more convenient,  and also the  procedure  as well as use are  a lot more worry-free.  Pet manure, urban kitchen waste, crop waste, organic  strong waste  as well as  various other  resources can be made  right into high-efficiency " natural, pollution-free"  organic fertilizers, turning waste  right into  prize and promoting the circular development of organic  farming.

3. The equipment of organic  plant food production line  consists of:

( 1) Granulation  tools:

 Damp  mixing tooth organic  plant food granulator  maker, disc granulator, drum  plant food pellet machine, three-throw  round  natural fertilizer pellet mill, multi-function  natural fertilizer granulator machine.

( 2) Crushing  tools:

Semi-wet material pulverizer,  leaking pulverizer, high-humidity  product pulverizer, chain pulverizer, hammer pulverizer, cage pulverizer, urea pulverizer,  upright hammer pulverizer.

( 3) Turn over  tools:

Horizontal mixers,  strong  frying pan mixers, twin shaft mixers,  necessary  double shaft mixers.

More details:

( 4) Screening  devices:

Drum  evaluating  equipment, vibrating screening  device. Used after the organic  plant food granulator  device granulation section.

( 5) Conveying  tools:

Mobile belt conveyors,  container  lifts,  fixed conveyors, large  disposition angle conveyors, screw conveyors.

( 6) Drying  devices:

Tumble  clothes dryer, three-pass  clothes dryer, pig manure  clothes dryer, chicken manure  clothes dryer, cow manure  clothes dryer,  lamb manure  clothes dryer.

( 7)  Sustaining for organic  plant food granulator  equipment:

 Thaw shotcrete system, automatic batching system,  rotating coating  device,  rotating  colder,  measurable  product packaging scale, mobile turning  and also polishing machine.

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