AAK hydraulic valves records thoughts in words, only to solve your doubts and difficulties

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AAK hydraulic valves records thoughts in words, only to solve your doubts and di...
Posting date : May 22, 2022
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Yesterday, a hydraulic valve customer who has cooperated for 5 years sent me a message: I am surprised that you AAK hydraulic valves update information on the official website (www.aakindustry.com) every day. I spent 45 minutes on your official website today. I have never stayed on the official website of any factory for more than 10 minutes. I think this should be greatest encouragement to us.


Some people may not understand why they write these hydraulic valve information. I think this is the charm of words. Words are the most basic logic of thoughts. All human thoughts will be stored in the form of words. For example, no matter how classic speeches and movies are, we will finally record them in the form of words to analyze their core ideas. Words are the best way to show human thoughts and the best way for human beings to capture effective information. Many years later, it would be our honor if AAK could record, store and disseminate the difficult and miscellaneous diseases, technical essentials or innovations about hydraulic valves.


I have analyzed some manufacturing bosses who are invisible champions. They are basically good at writing. Almost all those who can write well and stick to writing are the top 1% of the industry. The new customer is a stranger. How does he come to us step by step? I think maybe so:


1) Customers are attracted by your spiritual world, not your professional ability and case.

2) The content you write has enough professional height, and the actual case is both specific and vivid.

3) The most important and only thing is that he trusts you. This is all.


I have always believed that those engaged in manufacturing do not have shortcut keys. If they do not understand the essence of manufacturing, they will not be able to win orders. If you stare at the hydraulic valve order every day and study how to grab the hydraulic valve order every day, don't you think it's very low?


AAK hydraulic valves concept solves your doubts and difficulties, and never deliberately sells hydraulic valves.


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