AAK hydraulic valves, tea, books and music

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AAK hydraulic valves, tea, books and music
Posting date : May 21, 2022
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Because I am not a genius, I get up early every day and can almost finish what I have to do about the hydraulic valves a day in 3 hours in the morning. Next, think about today's work of hydraulic valves, and at least give colleagues or workshops a big idea of hydraulic valves.


Today is Saturday. Because I have to send two children to the training class, the time will be tense. I got up at 4:00am, half an hour earlier than usual, but I don't feel tired at all. I have insisted on getting up early for many years, but there is still 1 hour of difference from Apple CEO Tim Cook who gets up at 3:45 every morning, which is also the driving force for me to make the same hydraulic valves just like iPhones.


Yesterday, an old hydraulic valve customer complained by e-mail that Chinese hydraulic valve manufacturers are some short of the spiritual connotation of "my standard", which has not been understood by me. Hydraulic valve technicians work hard to do so many things in a day, or the external success of some hydraulic valve manufacturers after making money, is all a hint to the world. One of the suggestive skills is humblebrag, but it is no longer advanced. Why are people tired? It is because of “his standard”. People want to realize “my standard”, but not rich in material and spirit, so it is difficult or impossible to realize “my standard”. Although it looks like that everyone embodies the spiritual connotation of "my standard", they are actually the real external of "his standard", which I was only figured out this morning.


People must have a spiritual home that only belongs to themselves, which is a little like making friends with loneliness. It is another pure spiritual territory other than means of livelihood. This territory is small, and only three parts of an acre are enough, including tea, books and music.


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