After encountering Waterloo, Andy turned the tables at AAK, and repeated an order for hydraulic flow control valve yesterday

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After encountering Waterloo, Andy turned the tables at AAK, and repeated an orde...
Posting date : Nov 29, 2021
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Just yesterday, I received a repeat order from Andy for a hydraulic flow control valve, which is just 3 months away from the delivery time of the last batch of hydraulic valves. The American customer Andy, started to communicate with us in 2019. Maybe it was just not the right time, we still didn't partner with each other till the beginning of this year. Because of encountering a Waterloo at the previous hydraulic valve manufacturer, he turned the tables at AAK and regained his confidence. 


At the end of last year, Andy purchased a batch of hydraulic flow control valves from a hydraulic valve manufacturer. Because 20% of the shipments leaked, he encountered customer claims. The old hydraulic valve manufacturer was unwilling to bear the claim or re-produce. The customer kept pushing for replacement hurriedly. The boss asked him to find a high-quality hydraulic valve manufacturer to reproduce the goods for the customer. 


Andy had a big headache at that time. The replacement quantity is not big, the hydraulic valve manufacturers with exquisite quality were unwilling to produce the small quantity for him. The hydraulic valve manufacturers who were willing to produce this quantity, were not able to meet the customers requirement about the roughness of hydraulic flow control valve. He ran into a wall everywhere, which made Andy haggard.


When Andy contacted with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, we are willing to cooperate with her to solve this difficult problem. We tested the leaked hydraulic flow control valve sample. The reason for the leakage is the roughness of the mounting surface of the hydraulic flow control valve. According to the customer's service conditions, this roughness must be controlled at 1.0 μ M or less. Andy is very confused why 80% of the installation surface roughness of hydraulic flow control valve is up to standard, while 20% is beyond this range. The root of this fluctuation is the master's operation method, resulting in human error. The surface roughness is the depth, density, texture of the traces left on the machined surface from the action between the tool and the part surface, which depends on the master's processing technique.


Andy is very clear that at present, most domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers generally control the roughness of the installation surface of hydraulic flow control valve at 0.8-1.0 μ m. The biggest problem is not stable enough. Andy also knows that only AAK controls the roughness value of hydraulic flow control valve within 0.8 μ M, which can completely avoid leakage outside the hydraulic flow control valve, because of rest assured, Andy decided to repeat the order with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE.


AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, first determines the material according to the roughness required by the customer, and then determine the cutting process of the material according to the characteristics of the material. The workshop produces it in strict accordance with the process sheet. Technically, we abandon the traditional grinding technology and use "turning instead of grinding". Equipped with high-precision CNC lathes, we refit elastic cutting tools by ourselves, and use automatic measuring instruments. The Ra value of hydraulic flow control valve is controlled in the computer at any time, which can eliminate man-made errors and prevent the fluctuation of Ra value of hydraulic flow control valve completely.


AAK hydraulic valves, produced with ingenuity, can be purchased with confidence. At the same time, the delivery date can be guaranteed. If you have any concerns about the hydraulic valve, you might come to have a look at our website 

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