99% sorting rate copper cable granulator

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99% sorting rate copper cable granulator
Posting date : Nov 25, 2021
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Copper cable granulator of Henan Doing Holdings Co., Ltd is specially designed  for processing scrap wires, such as copper wires, telephone wires,  etc.. It is also called copper cable wire recycling  machine. By using this machine, you will get copper and plastic. But do  you curious about that how dose the copper cable granulator recycle copper? In this article, I will make a detail introduction about the  working process.


The process of recycling copper by copper cable granulator is very simple, just includes 3 steps. The first step is shredding. The  shredder will shred the whole wires into small pieces. The second step  is crushing. These small pieces will be crushed into small particles by  crusher. And the last step is air separation. Air separator will  separate copper and plastic according to their different gravities.

The  above is the general process of copper cable granulator. But due to the  size of scrap wires is different, their gravities may be similar when  they become small particles,  so that the air separator can't separate copper and plastic clearly.  Therefore, we need an electrostatic separator to solve this problem. The  electrostatic separator will separate copper and plastic according to  their conductivities in the magnetic field. It can separate them easily  and clearly.

Copper  cable granulator has many advantages, like high separation rate. The  separation rate can reach to 99%. And it is easy to operate. Only one or  two workers are needed. One person is responsible for feeding, the  other person is responsible for checking the separation situation of the  machine. Besides, it is small footprint, just need a small land can  install it. And it also has advantages of high working efficiency, low  cost and so on.

Henan Doing Holdings  Co., Ltd. has been focusing on machinery and equipment for more than  ten years and has numerous installation projects. If you have any  questions about the copper cable granulator machine, please contact us.  Our experienced sales manager will give you many useful suggestions.

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