Workshop MIC Welding Fume Extractor Dust Smoke Collector

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Workshop MIC Welding Fume Extractor Dust Smoke Collector
Posting date : Apr 10, 2021
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China [CN]
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MLWF280Basic Type:
Suitable for all kinds of welding ( arcc welding, secondary welding, MAG welding, gas melting cutting, special welding, etc.), polishing, cutting, beating.

Performance Description:
MLWF280 Foundation Type
1- The smoke and dust purifier has passed the product certification of CCEP China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the filteration efficiency is more than 99.9%.
2- Sufficient air volume, large suction and large filtering area.
3- To meet the requirements of W3 (high alloy steel) welding fume safety filtering. To meet the requirements of the special rules in the national regulations on the supervision of hazardous sustances, if used correctly, it can even achieve indoor air circulation.

Standard Configuration
1- Filteration efficiency (>99.9%) of main filter core (imported coated polyester fiber).
2- 2m/3m universal flexible inhalation arm
3- Fault phase protection and overload protection.
4- Pressure differential gauge
5- Auto-optic alarm for power failure.
6- Fast dismantling filter chuck.
7- 5m power cord
8- Spark trap (large particle dust pre-filter)
9- Activated carbbon filter (for adsorbing toxic gases)

Suitable for welding fume, cutting fume dust, laser welding cutting fume, hand plasma cutting fume, polishing dust, drilling dust, mixing and cutting materials to produce fume dust.

Performancec Description

1- Integrative structure with small floor area
2- Anti-suction device to make the effect of ash cleaning more thorough.
3- Power supply condition monitoring: alarm of fault phase overvoltage and undervoltage to prevent motor and electrical components from damage.
4- Pressure condition monitoring: alarm of low pressure of gas source oto prevent incomplete ash removal; differential gauge shows the use status of filter element intuitively, and automatic pulse back blowing with high pressure difference.

Standard Configuration 
1- Filteration efficiency (>99.9%) of main filter core (imported coated polyester fiber).
2- Fault phase protection, overload protection and air pressure monitoring device.
3- PLC Pulse Controller
4- Pressure differential gauge
5- 20L dust collection drawer
6- The left and right air inlets (dia.200)
7- 5m power cord
8- Spark trap (large particle dust pre-filter)

Spare Parts
1- Intelligent control system
2- IO port (remote control)
3- Explosion-proof configuration
4- Universal flexible arm (dia.160)
5- Vacuum cleaning pipeline (dia.200)

Recommended Working Condition
1- Welding workstation
2- Artificial welding position *2
3- Mixing, grinding, cutting, packaging, etc. produce dust and smoke.

MLWL280 Basic TypeMLWF280
Motor Power2.2KW
Working Voltage380V/50Hz380V/60Hz
Air Volume2800m^3/h2500~2800m^3/h
Filter Accuracy0.3um
Filter MaterialImported Flame Retaardant Coated Polyester Fibers
Filter Area10 m^2
Filter SizeDia. 325*600mm (1 branch)Dia. 325*660mm (1 branch)
Cleaning ModeManualPulse Back Blow
Noise Level<=65dBA<=68dBA


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