Ranco type capillary thermostat K54-P1102 (VS5) for refrigerator and freezer

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Ranco type capillary thermostat K54-P1102 (VS5) for refrigerator and freezer
Posting date : Jul 04, 2014
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The thermostats that are used in refrigerator, household conditioner, car-conditioner, cold-storage, water dispenser, electricity heating device, washing machine Include the Ranco type, Sagnomiya type, GE type, Danfoss type, etc. Include the model: Ranco type: K50-P1110 (VC1), K50-P1117 (VF3), K50-P1118 (VB7), K50-P1125, K50-P1126, K50-P1127, K50-P1133, K50-P1179, K50-P1216, K50-P1346, K50-P1557, K50-P3435, K54-L1119, K54-L1853, K54-P1102 (VS5), K54-P1168, K54-P3100, K57-P2077 (VT72), K59-L1035, K59-L1076, K59-L1102 (VT9), K59-L1119, K59-L1132, K59-L1609, K59-L1620, K59-L1662, K59-L1784, K59-L2590, K59-L3013, K59-L3108, K59-L3111, K60-P1013 (VP4), K60-P1129 Sagnomiya type: 800-645-04 (2pin), 800-645-04 (3pin), A10-1580-057, A30-2336-057, AWTB-173-05, AWTB-1002, AWTB-1238, AWTB-4226, AWTB-P132, AWTB-P133, AWTB-P134, AWTB-P135, GNA-111, GNA-167, GNA-602D, PFA-111A, PFA-604G, PFA-606S-3A, PFN-110UA, PFN-124G, PFN-150M, PFN-163A, PFN174S-03EB, PFN174S-03EC, PFN174S-03F, PFN-602D, PFN-604G, PFN-606S, PFN-606SI, PFN-606W, PFN-C171, SWTB-R130A GE type: 3ART5C212, 3ART5LP5, 3ART5VA14, 3ART5VAA125, 3ART5VAA158, 3ART5VC96, 3ART5VC163, 3ART5VG10, 3ART5VH39, 3ART5N11, 3ART7B6, 3ART7RE16, 3ART7RL145, 3ART7RS28, 3ART7S5, 3ART7S8, 3ART7S9, 3ART4A144, 3ART4A151, 3ART4A165, 3ART4F15, 3ART4G28, 3TRT5VC81 Danfoss type: 077B0021, 077B0023, 077B0027, 077B0028, 077B1110, 077B1280L, 077B2027, 077B6021, 077B6208, 077B6221, 077B6740, 077B7005 Rothershaw type: RC02632-4, RC13600-3, RC13646-2, RC14032-2, RC23626-2, RC23626-4, RC23669-2, RC23669-4, RC43622-2, RC45070-2, RC53600-2, RC53626-2, RC72040-6, RC92326-2, RC94072-2, RC94522-2, RCR2027-4, RCR7272-2, RFR4000-4, RFR4070-2

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