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Overcome together
Posting date : May 12, 2021
It is about the Korean quarantine system analyzed by Canadian broadcasting CBC.
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AIRLAMP for Virus Steriization in the Air(PA 101)
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2021-05-05 21:24:56
Product Name :
AIRLAMP for Virus Steriization in the Air(PA 101)
Products Keyword :
Lamp , Virus Sterilization , Fine Dust Removal , Ozone Generation , Clean Air Purification , Radon Removal , Amonia Removal , Formaldehyde (HCHO) Removal , Odor Removal , cigarette Smoke Removal
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Electric lamps & lighting fittings n.e.s. in 94.05
Detailed Description :

Amazing sterilization rate of 88.2% of airborne virus. 

Now it is safe from viruses, fine dust in the air., etc. 

Products function and effects 

AIRLAMP  PA 101 has an electron generating function that cleans the indoor air and turns it into healthy air. It sterilizes viruses in the air, removes fine dust, removes odors, and removes radon, a radioactive substance, by generating pure electrons without the emission of harmful ozone and ultraviolet rays. Not only that, but it also increases blood circulation and immunity in the human body, helping to live a healthy and vibrant life. 

PA 101 is effective for  

- Virus Sterilization

- Fine Dust Removal

- Clean Air Purification

- Radon Removal

- Ammonia Removal

- Formaldehyde Removal

- Odor Removal

- Cigarette Smoke Removal

- Ozone Generation 

- Negative Ion Generation 

  ., etc.

Airborne virus sterilization rate: 88.2% 

Ozone generation: 0.01ppm (Acceptable standard: USA 0.1ppm, Korea 0.05ppm)
Fine dust removal rate: 91.3%
CADR (Clean Air Purification Capacity): 36m³/h

Radon removal rate: more than 97%

Technology Summary  

This technology kills viruses !

Maximized discharge of electrons with negative polarity.

Electrons with strong energy destroy the cell membrane of the virus and kill it.

It is harmless to human body.

It is a technology that does not generate ozone harmful to the human body while

accelerating strong electronic energy.

* The powerful electron pile is harmless to eukaryotic humans, but is a very powerful

   destroyer against biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungus,

   which are prokaryotic cells.

The electrons is the basis of the human body.   

The electrons is the fundamental power source of the human body. 

Electrons sustain human life and maintain health through various chemical reactions 

in the human body. 


Place of Origin :
Korea, South [KR]
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PA 101
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Price :
To be negotiated
Payment :
By T/T remittance
Package :
Export Standard Packing
Delivery Lead Time :
Within 2 months upon receipt of payment
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