Tourmaline/Tourmaline ceramic ball

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Tourmaline/Tourmaline ceramic ball
Posting date : Oct 20, 2016
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1, the electronics industry. Available in the electronic industry, the wavelength of tourmaline for radio industry regulator, the polaroid polariscope. Crystal intact, tourmaline without bending, no crack, for determination of stamping with piezoelectric meter of air and water.2, acoustoelectric materials. Tourmaline can be used in the sonar components. Generally use natural tourmaline crystal, had better be colorless or pink gem grade crystal.3, the standard of testing materials, instruments and components on the industrial equipment. Approved in piezoelectric fluid pressure gage and test instrument, often using tourmaline as standard. In the experiment of boron, tourmaline is a controlled substance, because it is in itself an inert boron compounds. During the inspection in fertilizer experiment, the possible effect of water soluble boron can also use tourmaline as standard. Many scientific and industrial instruments using tourmaline, namely the tourmaline pliers, this is a simple laboratory equipment, can show the polarization of the light. Because tourmaline is a thermoelectric and piezoelectric, that said, when heated or compression can generate electricity, so it is a kind of measuring high pressure and fluid compressibility instrument parts, heat radiation dosimeter is measuring the intensity of gas of the early instruments, it is also dependent on the thermal characteristics of tourmaline.4, electromagnetic protection device. In a new utility model patents (CN2358663Y) introduces a kind of harmful electromagnetic protection device manufacturing method, it is composed of layered structure, the first layer of tourmaline particles; The second layer is respectively; The third layer of plastic film layer; The fourth floor for rubber; The fifth floor is for paper. The protector can prevent the invasion of human harmful electromagnetic waves, and translate them into harmless to the human body far infrared ray. It can be widely used in automobile cabin, computer control center, arc operation workshop, everywhere such as substation, and game consoles, TV, microwave oven, electric blanket, telephone, mobile phone and other electric devices.5, tourmaline ceramic ball. In an invention patent (CN1222494A) specifically introduced the use of electrical stone technology of ceramic ball. It consists of the electrical stone mill into 26 microns to 140 microns diameter size of particles, 3% ~ 98% of total weight; Clay accounted for 97% ~ 2% of the total weight; After adding water mixing, molding, dry sintering of 0.5 mm to 50 mm diameter balls. It can enhance water activity or increase the air anion, activity can be widely used in drinking water, sewage treatment, the crop water and purify air in various fields.6, grinding material. Tourmaline hardness is big, usually from 7 to 7.5, can be used as abrasive material, it also can make use of some non-electronic industries with a large number of fine grain of tourmaline, make full use of the precious resources of tourmaline.
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