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Contact Name : David Li
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muscovite/White Mica powder More specifications
Posting date : Aug 10, 2016
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1Ton Jumbo Bag
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China [CN]
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1Ton Jumbo Bag
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Within 15 days after receipt the deposit
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White mica chemical formula for KAl2 (AlSi3O10) (OH) 2, with continuous layered silicon oxygen tetrahedron structure, with a very complete cleavage, stripping for flexible sheet, qualitative soft, flexible transparent colorless, thick piece of translucent with a grey, brown, green, rose red, glass to spun silk or pearl luster, hardness is 2.5 ~ 3, the proportion of 2.75 ~ 2.75, the acid resistance.White mica chemical composition: KAl2 Si3AlO10 (OH, F) 2, the ideal component is octahedron containing Al, can also be a small amount of Fe, Mg, Fe and Mn, Cr, V, etc. The replacement. White mica highly fully at the bottom of the cleavage, color pale white. The characteristics of the thin elastic.White mica powder is widely used in the industries of building material industry, fire fighting, fire extinguishing agent, welding electrode, plastic, electrical insulating paper, paper making, asphalt, rubber, pearl pigment chemical industry, etc. Ultrafine mica powder for plastic, paint, paint, rubber, such as the functional filler, can improve the mechanical strength, strengthened toughness, anti-aging adhesion and corrosion resistance, etc. In addition to the high electrical insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, flexibility, toughness and sliding resistance, heat insulation, small thermal expansion coefficient, and take the lead in put out of block 2 surface is smooth, thick than large diameter, shape rules, strong adhesion, etc.
Mesh: for material particle size or thickness degrees, general definition refers to the length of the mesh per inch (25.4 mm) on the number of holes are defined as mesh namely; With 1250 mesh for 10 um, 2500 mesh is 5 um, of which the greater the mesh, the smaller the particle size.Mica powder according to the particle size is different, can be divided into mica sheet and mica powder.Mica plate mesh mainly include: 4, 6, 40, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, etc.Mica powder mesh mainly include: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2000 mesh and 3000 mesh, and ultrafine mica powder.

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