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N0.818 Gelan Business Affairs,Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Xinhua District Xisanzhuang Street Hebei Shi Jiazhuang China [CN]
Contact Name : David Li
Homepage : http://www.cnminerals.com
Main Products
Vermiculite , MIca , Sepiolite , Calcium Carbonate , Kaolin
Business Type
MaiFan SLATE/Medical stone hot sale 2016
Posting date : Aug 10, 2016
Free Member Scince Aug 08, 2016
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Supply Abillity
Tianjin Xingang
Payment Terms
50kg ppbag
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David Li
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Place of Origin
China [CN]
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Package & Delivery Lead Time
50kg ppbag
Delivery Lead Time
Within 15 days after receipt the deposit
Detailed Description
Application of maifan stone:1.. for soil improvement, reduce fertilizer use, absorb the residual pesticides and toxic substances in the soil, release the mineralization quality, improve the ecological environment, accelerate the growth of plants.2. Used for soaking water can get a similar natural mineral water quality health water;3. Used for flowers and flowers were soaked in medical stone dissolution in water, lush, can survive more than half a month;4. Used for keeping goldfish and tropical fish in the water, can make the fish survival rate is greatly increased, also need not change water for a long time;5. Used to boil Chinese traditional medicine, can enhance effectiveness, at the same time can be adsorbed mercury, lead and other heavy metal elements in Chinese traditional medicine, can make more long-term storage of liquids;6. Used for cooking, steamed bread and cooking, color and taste better;7. Used in refrigerator deodorant, the effect significantly, also has bactericidal performance;8. Can remove methanol and fusel alcohol liquor, improve liquor quality.9. Medical stone powder can be used as toothpaste, mask, cleansing milk additives.10. Used for beauty face, purify is corneous cells and excess fat, also can be applied to intracellular enzyme, gives the cell vitality, delicate and elastic.11. Used in the water bath can accelerate eliminate fatigue, feel warm light bright after washing, and can make the skin white tender, still can treat skin itching, baby diaper macula, abscess and beriberi.12. Using medical stone far infrared health care efficacy, can do medical stone brain insoles, cushion pillow, filler and medical stone care underwear additive; For medical stone when heated in the microwave oven, made of sandbags apply on the waist, shoulder, feet have obvious health care effect.13. Used in animal breeding, to increase production of maifan stone effect, it can eliminate animal intestines toxic substances, has certain ability of adsorption and release of bacteria and reduce bacteria against the body into degrees. Other medical stone containing 58 kinds of beneficial to the body have long elements and trace elements, minerals can be added in feed, more important is many mineral elements is the activity of enzymes in organisms, can stimulate the activity of enzymes, improve the catalysis of enzymes, improve animal metabolism function, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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