Charging cables for vehicle batteries

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Charging cables for vehicle batteries
Posting date : Sep 18, 2023
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Automotive cables are mainly divided into Japanese standard wires, European standard wires, American standard wires and national standard wires according to applicable standards. Among them, UL62 certified charging cable is one of the three largest cable markets in the world. These include testing cables: such as swing test, liquid resistance test, high and low temperature cycle, damp heat test, tear resistance test, etc. 

Characteristics: The specific properties of the cable conductor are electrical and mechanical properties, minimum insulation resistance at 15°C (GΩ.m); the cable is soft, feels good, and the bending length is less than 5D; oil-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, water-resistant, wear-resistant, rolling-resistant, and Crack, UV resistant, color stable; good flame retardant performance; bending resistance of more than 50,000; all materials comply with the latest environmental standards of RoHS and REACH. 

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