Operation mode of new energy electric vehicle charging base

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Operation mode of new energy electric vehicle charging base
Posting date : May 16, 2023
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With the development of new energy electric vehicles one after another, there are a lot of car manufacturers to operate the state of electric vehicle industry products, for example, charging pile construction, charging station operation and other modes. The following describes several cases of global operation modes:

1: Asset-light operation and automaker-led

United States: The main body of charging pile operation mainly includes professional charging facility operators and vehicle enterprises represented by Tesla. Meanwhile, car enterprises choose to cooperate with professional operators when building private charging piles.

2: Dominated by energy and vehicle enterprises

Europe: Charging facility operators are more diversified. Charging operators mainly include traditional energy enterprises, vehicle enterprises and electric power companies, etc. They are generally well-financed and operate charging business through self-operation or investment in establishing subsidiaries.

3: Supporting services mainly

Japan: charging pile construction and operation adopts the mode of government funding to support technology research and development and vehicle enterprises' investment, and there are mainly two types of participating subjects: one is the small and medium-sized charging equipment vendors certified by CHAdeMO system; the other is the Japanese charging service company jointly funded by local enterprises such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi and Japanese policy investment bank. For example, NCS.

No matter which model is adopted, there is better development for the field of new energy vehicle charging. Need to know more electric vehicle charging product content, you can visit or search for: https://www.omgevcable.com

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