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New Energy Charging Post Industry Overview
Posting date : Feb 24, 2023
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According to the charging method and charging mode, the new energy vehicle charging pile can be divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile. AC charging piles are less costly and easier to build, while DC charging piles are costly and require high construction.

Definition and Composition of Charging Pile: New energy vehicle charging pile refers to the equipment device that provides charging service for new energy electric vehicles, installed in public buildings, parking lots, shopping malls, operating vehicle charging stations and other public places and private places such as residential communities. The power input of the charging pile is connected to the AC power grid, and the power output with charging plug is connected to the car for charging.

DC charging piles, commonly known as "fast charging", can directly charge the car's power battery, using high voltage, high charging power and fast charging, but the high cost and high voltage and current affect the battery life. DC charging piles are usually installed in operating vehicle charging stations, fast charging stations and other places.

The industry chain of new energy vehicle charging pile industry is divided into three links. The upstream participants of the industry chain are manufacturers of equipment required for the construction of charging piles; the midstream participants of the industry chain are charging pile operators; and the downstream participants of the industry chain are charging pile users, including new energy vehicle enterprises and individual consumers.

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