Standard charging cable for electric aircraft

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Standard charging cable for electric aircraft
Posting date : Nov 21, 2022
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Since entering the era of modern science and technology, transportation has brought enough convenience to mankind. From traditional fuel vehicles to new energy electric vehicles, each step of the process is developing from production research and development, manufacturing process, etc. Electric aircraft can be called electric aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, which need to rely on electric power to fly in the sky, driven by motors, without noise or any pollution emissions.

Electric aircraft, which can run on the land like an electric car and fly in the sky like an airplane, is a new type of transportation that is both environmentally friendly and convenient. Therefore, with its unique advantages, the electric vehicle has gradually entered people's vision and been put forward more and more concepts. It is believed that the electric vehicle can become one of the travel tools in the future.

Application of electric aircraft: electric aircraft has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low emissions, and can cover a variety of application scenarios such as urban passenger transport, freight transport, personal aircraft, and emergency medical services.

By observing the power, current, rated voltage, etc. of the cable connecting equipment, select the charging cable with standard specifications for the aircraft. For example, in the selection of electric vehicle charging cable, it is found that the standard charging cable with specification of 3 * 6+1+0.75 is generally used; 

Of course, there are different specifications for different charging devices. To learn more about cable models, you can visit the charging cable publicity page:

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