Overview of manufacturing process of charging pile cable

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Overview of manufacturing process of charging pile cable
Posting date : Sep 21, 2022
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The electric vehicle charging cable is a carrier that connects the electric vehicle and the charging pile and is used to transmit electric energy. The charging pile cable is composed of conductor, isolation layer, insulation, core wire and filling, inner sheath and sheath. Its basic function is to transmit power to electric vehicles, and a certain number of signal lines, control lines and power supply auxiliary lines are equipped to ensure accurate control and correct operation of the charging process. At present, charging pile cables are widely used in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, residential areas, garages and other areas. Portable charging cables can be placed in vehicles. With the development of charging technology, the charging cable not only needs to have the function of power transmission, but also needs to transmit the status and information of the vehicle and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction. If necessary, the charging action should be controlled to ensure the safety of the charging process.

The categories of charging pile cable products are diversified. According to the shape, the cables of the charging pile can be divided into straight lines and coiled lines. Among them, coiled cables are easy to maintain, more durable, and shrink in time. At present, the price is high, and it is expected to fall back with technological progress; According to the length, the charging pile cables are mainly divided into 2-5m, 6-10m and more than 10m. 2-5m is the mainstream length to meet the basic charging needs; According to the charging level, the charging pile cables can be divided into Level 1 (120V), Level 2 (240V) and Level 3 (300-600V). With the growth of global fast charging demand, Level 3 will become the first choice; According to the sheath material, the charging pile cable can be divided into rubber sheath, thermoplastic elastomer sheath and PVC sheath.

The charging pile cable shall have good safety, applicability, durability and strong energy-saving effect. The safety of electric vehicle is very important because of its long charging and discharging time, high current intensity and high frequency of cable use. On the basis of ensuring excellent insulation, the electric vehicle charging pile cable still needs to have the characteristics of aging resistance, heat resistance, low smoke and flame retardancy to minimize the risk of accidents. In addition, the charging pile cable is vulnerable to external factors such as sunlight, weathering, oil contamination, humidity and freezing, and it is difficult to avoid scratches, abrasion, rolling and other damages in daily use. Therefore, the basic demands of cable products are sturdy, durable, strong corrosion resistance and slow aging speed. At the same time, the high-quality charging pile cable has strong conductivity and can be used normally in different scenes and different current conditions; The low resistance copper is used as the basic material of the charging pile to ensure the quality of the cable products while taking into account the environmental benefits.

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