The role of automobile high-voltage cable connection equipment

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The role of automobile high-voltage cable connection equipment
Posting date : Jul 13, 2022
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Today, new energy vehicles are popular on the road. Especially in recent years, new energy electric vehicles have achieved breakthroughs in sales, and even have the opportunity to replace traditional fuel vehicles in the future. Compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are special and have the characteristics of high voltage and high current. They are usually equipped with a power supply system with a current of more than 300V and a current of more than 200A. This is completely different from traditional cars that are only equipped with a 12/24V power supply system. Safety measures for high-voltage distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, and connectors of electric vehicles have become a safety aspect that requires attention.

Introduction: Automotive high-voltage lines refer to components that are connected to circuits by crimping copper contact terminals (so-called connectors) and wires (cables), and are wrapped with plastic compression insulators or external metal shells. Functionally, there are two power lines that carry the power to drive the actuator and the signal line that transmits the sensor input commands. Power cords are divided into low-voltage wiring harnesses and high-voltage wiring harnesses.

Application: The high-voltage wiring harness is connected to the components on the vehicle, including drive motors, air conditioning systems, on-board batteries, etc. It is used on different devices according to the matching performance requirements of the device.

Because traditional connector equipment has been difficult to meet the requirements of high current and high voltage. Automotive connectors are high-power connection products. If the requirements are not met, problems with car safety occur. Automotive connectors are automotive terminal products. The products must meet all performance requirements. The main indicators include product certification, insulation, resistance and other properties. The internal structure of the vehicle is complex in use. Therefore, automotive high-voltage lines play a very important role.


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