Specification selection of household charging point cable

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Specification selection of household charging point cable
Posting date : Jun 22, 2022
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As the charging cable connection between the electric vehicle and the charging pile of the current carrier, the safety problem has always been the concern of many automobile manufacturers. It not only needs the information transmission between the two, but also needs to control the charging. On the basis of ensuring excellent insulation performance, the power cable should have high aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and other properties, because it often needs to be bent and dragged in the process of use, So it also needs the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

Generally, it is divided into 3.5kw and 7KW household charging piles according to the rated charging power. The rated current of 3.5kw charging pile is 16a, and that of 7KW charging pile is 32A. Both types of charging points are connected to a 220 volt single-phase domestic power supply.

However, household charging piles generally have wall mounted AC and DC charging. Of course, the car will be equipped with an on-board charging connector for convenient placement in the car. Among them, the household charging pile is usually connected to 220 V single-phase electricity, but the cable and air switch vary according to the power and current. The 3.5kw charger or charging pile is connected with 4 square root cables. The normal line from our household electricity to the air conditioner is 4 square roots. If it is portable and grounding free, the 3.5kw charger can be directly inserted into the air conditioner socket for charging; If it is a charging point, 4 square lines will be connected (if the meter is too far from the parking space, 6 square lines are recommended). The 7KW power supply charging pile or charger shall use a group of cables to connect lines of at least 6 square meters or more, which must be grounded. If the wiring distance is far, it is recommended to use 10 square wires. For the sake of safety, the cost difference between the 10 square line and the 6 square line is not significant.

In addition, the rated current of 7KW household charging pile is 32a, and the air switch on the line needs 40A or 60A. If the line is overcurrent or overpressure, the air switch can be protected in time.

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