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Small Drop Tester
Posting date : Jun 15, 2021
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KRD41 series small drop tester is suitable for free-fall test of small consumer electronics and components such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, CD / MD / MP3 and so onapplicable standards JISC 0044 and IEC 60068-2-32. Through standard tests on electronic products (surface drop, corner drop, edge drop, etc.) and collecting data, it simulates the vertical drop impact of electronic products during transportation and handling. It provides a basis for the design of the product's buffer and vibration damping and the selection of structural materials.


It can be dropped naked or dropped with packaging to evaluate the impact resistance or the damage caused by the fall of the product during transportation. It is an indispensable test method to improve the product's quality. It is applicable for electronic product research, development, quality control, manufacturing and other links.



1.         Upper and lower displacement limit to guarantee safe.

2.         The lifting height can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the different requirements.

3.         It can clamp and drop the test sample at any angle

4.         Just place the machine on a flat marble or concrete floor, no special foundation needed

5.         Remote control can be realized to ensure the safety of operators. (custom function)


Technical Specifications:

Maximum load: 100kg

Drop effective height: 300mm 2000mm

Minimum separation height: 300mm

Maximum clamping size: 200mm × 200mm

Counter: 0 999999 can be preset

Drop floor medium: steel plate / cement plate / acrylic plexiglass plate

Drop floor size: 500mm × 500mm × 30mm

Lifting method: Cylinder lift, the height can be set arbitrarily

Air pressure: 0.8MPa

Control method: Full-automatic pneumatic drive control, equipped with high-precision displacement sensor and collector

Foundation requirements: level the concrete floor

Equipment weight: about 1500kg

Operating environment: temperature 0 40 , humidity 80% (non-condensing)

Power supply: 2-phase AC220V 50Hz.


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