Electrolyzer of 40 m³ water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment

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Electrolyzer of 40 m³ water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment
Posting date : Apr 07, 2021
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Hydrogen has a variety of important characteristics and has great applications in many fields. It has the lowest density of all known elements, so compression or liquefaction is of practical use. In addition, this low density makes hydrogen more suitable for applications where friction loss may exist

Hydrogen has high heat capacity and the strongest thermal conductivity, so it is an effective gas in heat conduction applications.


Hydrogen is a reducing agent (extracting free oxygen to prevent material corrosion). Hydrogen is an ideal inspiratory gas in applications where oxidation is not expected.

Main equipment composition: electrolytic cell

Auxiliary equipment composition: water tank, alkali tank, make-up water pump and gas decompression distribution frame, etc.

Composition of electric control equipment: rectifier cabinet, power distribution cabinet, etc.

The equipment can be customized for users. The electrolytic cell, gas-liquid treatment device and hydrogen drying frame are assembled into a frame, which covers a small area. The product has high hydrogen purity and low moisture content. It has a high degree of automation, and fully realizes the automatic one button start-up and stop.

Our Products


Mobile (box type) hydrogen production station

The mobile (box type) hydrogen production station is characterized by compact structure, small floor area, convenient installation and strong mobility.

It is used in the renewable energy dynamic electrolysis hydrogen production experiment project to test the adaptability of electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment to the fluctuation of renewable energy.

Zxdh2 forced adsorption type hydrogen drying device

Zxd forced adsorption type hydrogen drying device is specially designed to reduce the moisture content in hydrogen in generator. The device consists of two hydrogen dryers (alternate operation or regeneration), one oil separator, one cooler, one gas water separator, one oil filter and corresponding valves.

Zxdh2 hydrogen purification unit

Zxd series medium pressure hydrogen purification unit is a special equipment for medium pressure water electrolysis hydrogen production unit. There are many processes such as product hydrogen, air separation nitrogen regeneration and three tower regeneration without consumption of feed gas. The unit uses water electrolysis hydrogen as feed gas to obtain high-purity hydrogen after catalytic deoxidation, cooling condensation, adsorption secondary drying and sintering nickel tube high-efficiency filtration. Widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass, new energy and other industries.

Hydrogen production equipment from electrolytic water

Hydrogen production from water electrolysis is a technology that decomposes water to produce hydrogen and oxygen under the action of direct current. It follows Faraday's Electrolysis law. Under the action of direct current, water decomposes into one part of hydrogen and one half of oxygen.


Product details



Hydrogen Productionm3/h


Oxygen Productionm3/h


Hydrogen PurityV/V


Oxygen PurityV/V


Operating load


Working PressureMPa


Hydrogen Moisture Contentg/m3


Hydrogen Alkalinitymg/m3


Working Temperature


Cooling water flowm3/h


DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2)


External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H mm


Electrolyzer Weightkg


Alkali concentration

30% KOH

Circulation quantity of alkali liquorm3/h


Koh consumption (normal operation)kg/unit


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About Xiamen Zhongxinda

The non-regas consumption technology developed by Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. achieves no consumption of raw hydrogen and oxygen under the requirement of ensuring that the water content after purification is less than 1ppm, thus greatly reducing the operating cost.

Zhongxinda hydrogen gas purification equipment adopts PLC and automatic instrument to acheive automatic control, and the switch of the valve is automatic too.

The ZXD nitrogen production device produced by our company has advanced technology, reliable operation and high nitrogen purity.

The nitrogen yield can reach to 2000Nm3/h according to the user's requirements.

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