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Gutter Protects Your Home from Being Damaged by Water

Gutter is a significant part in our family, especially in the summer. When rain falls on the roof, the water can directly flow all over the ground. Without the gutter system, rain water can stay under your house and gradually become a serious threat to the foundation. So you have to choose a durable gutter system to help the water run away from your house. We can offer you various sizes of K style gutters and half round gutters, made of aluminum, copper and vinyl. Other sizes also can be customized.

Aluminum gutter

Aluminum is the most common material to make gutters. It is durable, low maintenance and do not rust. The aluminum gutters are usually made of .027" or .032" aluminum with baked on paint finish. So the gutter made of aluminum is an ideal choice for the majority of house owners.

Sizes of Aluminum Gutter
Code Gutter Width Length Material Weight
AGH5-1 Half round 5" 10 feet .027" aluminum 2.974 lb
AGH5-2 20 feet 6.3 lb
AGH6-1 6" 10 feet .032" aluminum 4.2725 lb
AGH6-2 20 feet 8.545 lb
AGK5-1 K style 5" 10 feet .027" aluminum 4 lb
AGK5-2 20 feet 8 lb
AGK6-1 6" 10 feet .027" aluminum 4.75 lb
AGK6-2 20 feet 9.45 lb
A K style aluminum gutter on the white background.

K style aluminum gutter.

An half round aluminum gutter on the white background.

Half round aluminum gutter.

Copper gutter

Dating back to thousands of years ago, copper has been used as an ideal gutter material. Our good traditional copper gutter is made of 16oz. copper. We also have the best copper gutter made of 20.44 oz. copper, which has a distinctive look over traditional gutters. Further, the heavier 20.44 oz. material is more ideal for areas where roof usually load heavy snow. We can offer you the half round, European half round and K style gutters.

Sizes of Copper Gutter
Code Gutter Width Length Material Weight
CGH5-1 Half round 5" 10 feet 16 oz. copper 8 lb
CGH5-2 20 feet 17 lb
CGH6-1 6" 10 feet 16 oz. copper 12.2 lb
CGH6-2 20 feet 24.4 lb
CGE5-1 European Half Round 5" 10 feet 20.44 oz. copper 11.7 lb
CGE5-2 18 feet 21.06 lb
CGE6-1 6" 10 feet 20.44 oz. copper 14 lb
CGE6-2 18 feet 25.2 lb
CGK5-1 K style 5" 10 feet 16 oz. copper 10 lb
CGK5-2 20 feet 20 lb
CGH6-1 6" 10 feet 16 oz. copper 12..4 lb
CGH6-2 20 feet 24.8 lb
A K style copper gutter on the white background.

K style copper gutter.

An half round copper gutter on the white background.

Half round copper gutter.

Vinyl gutter

Our vinyl gutter system possess a great appearance and has a reasonable price. It is designed specially, including reinforced gutter edge, heavy duty support, and permanently glued joints. Besides, it can be installed in less time than other systems. No special tools are needed during installation.

Sizes of Vinyl Gutter
Code Material Gutter Width Length Weight
VGH4-1 Vinyl Half round 4" 10 foot 2.76 lb
VGH4-2 20 foot 5.5 lb
VGH5-1 5" 10 foot 4.3 lb
VGH5-2 20 foot 8.6 lb
VGK-1 K style 4.5" 10 foot 4.446 lb
VGH-2 20 foot 8.89 lb
A K style vinyl gutter on the white background.

K style vinyl gutter.

An half round vinyl gutter on the white background.

Half round vinyl gutter.

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