Ring chamber orifice meter

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Ring chamber orifice meter
Posting date : Apr 29, 2019
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Ring chamber orifice meter
Product name: Ring chamber orifice meter
Product code: 151116-813
Update time: 2015.08.25
Views: 860
Processing custom origin: in kaifeng
Type: type throttling device LWG
Type: volumetric flowmeter
Measuring range: 0-100 (m3 / h)
Level of accuracy: + / - 1.0%
Nominal size: (DN50- DN2600 (mm)
Job stress: 40 or less (MPa)
Working temperature: 70 ℃)
throttling device, also known as differential pressure flowmeter, Orifice flowmeter contains (integrated orifice flow meter, standard orifice, annular orifice flow meter, integrated annular orifice flow meter)
Ring chamber orifice meter can be divided according to function name gas flow meter, flue gas meter, steam flow meter, gas flow meter, compressed air flow meter, liquid flow meter.
LWG type series annular orifice meter is SIKE measurement and control technology co., LTD., henan overview on the research and development on the basis of the standard orifice throttling flow sensor, because it USES annular single structure, make measurements in all kinds of dirt medium through the orifice plate with a circular seam between pipe can easily pass. So the circular orifice flowmeter is widely applied in the dirt medium flow measurement. Circular orifice itself comes with a measuring tube. In central measuring tube fixed a concentric circular plate - flow plate, the plate of the bearing steel in the mouth (10) and take pressure staggered, so bearing steel downstream of the flow of the fluid resistance is negligible, and the upstream flow plate without any block, can make the upstream velocity distribution axisymmetric completely, is advantageous to the geometric similarity and dynamic similarity, improve the accuracy of measurement. Circular orifice meter is suitable for various fluid (gas, steam, liquid medium, such as: saturated steam and superheated steam, compressed air, all kinds of exhaust gas, burning furnace, cooling water, heavy oil, residual oil, fuel oil, condensate, all kinds of corrosive chemical solution, etc.
1, not only can measure the general fluid flow, and can also be applied to contain various impurities such as dust, suspension, precipitation, etc.) of the fluid, such as a variety of hot gas, flue gas, natural gas, cooling circulating water, etc.
2, measuring saturated steam superheat steam can avoid stop steam condensate accumulation formation, when steam again to send, can quickly into the accurate measurement.
3, instrument ontology has a straight measuring tube, on-site installation, the installation error (such as eccentric, sealing gasket into pipe) has no effect on meter almost.
4, adopts "equalizing ring structure, when the straight pipe length is not long enough, can still be accurately measured. For example: in a 90 ° bend downstream, before the table has a length of 2 d; In a 30 ° elbow downstream, there is 0.5 D length can be in front of the table.
5, connected by "welding method", it is suitable for high temperature and high pressure fluid (e.g., superheated steam), low cost, reliable operation, stable performance.
6, adopts "jacket insulation structure, suitable for easy crystallization and easy vaporization require heating or cooling fluid (such as ammonia, some chemical products, etc.).
LWG type ring chamber orifice meter, the flow area is the center of the plate of circular hole, when the fluid through the round hole because of the sudden contraction flow speed for measuring flow, and the ring chamber orifice meter, the flow area is the outside part of the plate and the inner wall of the tube forming ring, fluid through because of the circulation area of the sudden contraction of acceleration, the fluid around the edges of the ring chamber orifice plate boundary layer is cylindrical, which occurs when the fluid resistance on the similar principle, so the ring chamber orifice meter so close to a fluid resistance coefficient, which makes the two possible with similar coefficient of outflow.
The main technical parameters:
Pressure from bring ways: standard pressure
Bring about nominal pressure (MPa) : 40 or less
Bring about nominal diameter (mm) : (- DN2600
Bring about accuracy (plus or minus 1.5% to plus or minus 2.5% uncertainty (calibration) sampling (demanding higher precision, solid flow calibration can be up to + / - 1.0%)
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