2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 12 Balls Package

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2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 12 Balls Package
Posting date : Nov 15, 2017
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2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 12 Balls Package

SKU: 12balls


Package Detail:

12 bubble balls2 air pumps12 repair kitsFREE SHIPPINGFREE LOGO PRINT

You can choose the types and colors you want of the bubble balls, for example: 3 red dot & 3 blue dot. 

There are 2 different materials of our bubble balls, PVC & TPU. Here is differences between these two materials. 

Our finished orders.

finished products


Bubble Football permits you to tackle the part of that heavy lineman, threatening linebacker, scrambling quarterback, or power running back. We allow you to return the hits in football, without getting hurt. On account of the bubble surrounding a player, it’s about difficult to perform a routine tackle, which implies you just throw yourself at adversaries to thump them wobbly before endeavoring to win ownership back. The crime has two downs to get their football into the end territory. It unavoidably makes for some comical scenes as players attempt just to be bounced off the ball by their opponents.

This is a spectacular and crazy type of soccer, full of thriller moments of fun and laughter. This is because of the fun twist it has on the familiar game of football, and the physical activities involved when players knock and bump into one another.

How to play Bubble Soccer:

  • The basic requirements or materials you need as a player are the bubble suits, soccer ball, standard athletic attire and shoes without cleats and knee pads.
  • You will need an indoor or outdoor play field to play from. This field should have well marked boundaries and goal posts to score in. These playgrounds can be rented if you have none. Among them are public parks, basketball or tennis courts, gyms, grassy or turfed soccer fields and open fields clear of sticks, stones and shells.
  • After wearing your kit including the bubble suit on your head to your knees, your objective will be to score against your opponent and knock each other down while trying. You should also expect being knocked down, from where you will lose control and spin on the ground. Surprisingly, you won’t get hurt due to the protection of the bubble suit.
  • As a player, your hands will be fixed inside the bubble suit, thus requiring you to maintain balance with your legs only.
  • It is only the referee whose hands are free given that he or she doesn’t wear the suit. Besides protecting the players, he or she brings back the soccer ball back into play when it goes off the field.
  • Finally, the team that scores more goals than the other merges as the winner.

What you should Note:

  • People of ages 10 and below are advised not to play.
  • People below 4’8” and above 6’4” should inquire before they can play.
  • Minors aged 17 years and below should seek their parents’ or guardians’ approval before they can play. Thus, should have a signed waiver agreement.

Play bubble soccer with your loved ones, and have a great time.


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