Vertical Turbine Pump

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Vertical Turbine Pump
Posting date : Aug 28, 2017
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  1. Overview

VTP series is of the single suction multistage vertical turbine type, which is widely used for transferring the clear water, rain or sea water in power stations, metallurgy industries, fire-fighting industries,mines,iron-works and public industries and so on. And it features high efficiency, reliable operation, quick start, compact structure and small footprint.

2 Operational Condition

<1> Before startup, make sure that the pump is submerged into the liquid and the minimum submerged depth should be reached which is stated in the pump installation drawing.

<2> The water in the well should not contain any oily materials.

<3> It is not permissible for the water to contain too much corrosive minerals.

<4> The content of sand in the water should not exceed 0.01% (weight ratio ).

<5> PH value should be within 6.5 ~ 8.5.

<6> The well should be straight.

3. Nomenclature 


150--inlet bore size (mm)

VTP--vertical turbine pump

200--designed capacity (m3/h)

30--designed head of the single stage (m)

3--the number of stage


desgined performance data

capacity: 50--8400m3/h

head: 15--150m


3.Structural Description

<1> Type of Drive

There are four types of power drive: 1) Directly driven by normal  vertical motor, 2) Directly driven by vertical hollow shaft motor, 3) Driven by diesel engine or steam turbine through right-angle gearbox, 4) Driven by horizontal motor through right-angle gearbox.

<2> Structure

The pump is composed of three parts: bowl assembly with strainer, column pipe assembly with transmission shaft, and discharge head assembly with motor. The first two parts are placed in the well, while the third part is placed above the well.


1) Bowl assembly

It mainly contains strainer, closed impeller, seal ring, taper sleeve, suction bell, impeller body, guide bearing, impeller shaft, etc.

The suction bell and impeller body are connected through flanges. So is for those impellers. Taper sleeve is installed to fix the impeller.

2) Column pipe assembly

It contains column pipes, transmission shaft, guide bearing body, guide bearing and coupling.

Flanges are used to joint the column pipes. There are two types of coupling: screwed coupling and muff coupling.  And screwed coupling is more widely used than the other.

3) Discharge head assembly

It mainly contains discharge head and stuffing box. When the normal vertical motor is used, the motor support, thrust bearing parts , non-reversing ratchet wheel and motor coupling will be installed as well.

All the discharge head assembly are fixed on the ground through bay bolts.


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