SNV-308 Overhead Line Earth and Short Circuit Fault Indicator

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SNV-308 Overhead Line Earth and Short Circuit Fault Indicator
Posting date : May 14, 2018
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SNV-308 Overhead Line Earth and Short Circuit Fault Indicator
SNV-308 is suitable for overhead line 35KV and below a four remote function grounding and short-circuit fault indicator. SNV-308 through real-time measurement and according to the current cable current waveform changes to determine the short-circuit fault on the power lines and grounding fault, and the fault state, real time current (fault current), battery voltage, temperature, electric field of cable and other information uploaded to the remote server, which provides reliable data for the various types of fault diagnosis and location overhead line. SNV- 308 by handheld PDA in the process of using (SNV- 307) or communication terminal (SNV- 309) for its flexible configuration to meet the needs of different environment monitoring overhead. 
■ Telemetry and telemetry 
■ Intelligent motor control card 
■ Can be charged to install and remove 
■ 6 LED fault status indicator light 
■ 1 LED running status indicator light 
■ Intelligent judgment of grounding and Short circuit fault 
■ Support hand held PDA (SNV- 307) 
■ the flop position of a self-test per hour
■ Battery voltage is sampled once per 5min 
■ Support online CT pickup power and solar power
 ■ to support the avoidance of various non fault cases 
■ Support timing reset, power on reset automatically, Remote reset 
■ Support recording functionCharacteristic
■ Support for the judgment of the Coincidence gate 
■ Accurate synthesis of zero sequence Current 
■ Intelligent motor control card 
■ Ultra low power consumption in real time Sampling 
■ A wave of 64 point difference sampling 
■ Support remote signal, telemetry, remote Control and remote control. 
■ Can accurately identify the 20mS minimum Fault time 
■ Support remote server upgrade and Parameter settings 
■ Accurate judgement of the grounding fault by the change of zero sequence current 
■ Time synchronization between the sensor and the Sensor 
■ Optional threshold, incremental, percentage of Multiple fault judgment 
■ Calibration of each sensor is carried out to ensure Consistency of sampling. 
■ the accuracy of the current sampling is less than 10A ±0.3A, 10- 2000A ±2%
■ Temperature sampling precision ±0.5℃, Voltage Precision of ground electric field±10%
■ Can accurately determine the temporary fault, Transient fault, permanent fault, grounding fault 
■ A current greater than or equal to 5A, no external Power supply 
■ Solar electric, CT electric, a built-in 3.2V lithium Iron phosphate battery and a main 3.6V lithium Battery bottom and a super capacitor

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