Vacuum brazed diamond drill,blind hole drill, anchor drill

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Vacuum brazed diamond drill,blind hole drill, anchor drill
Posting date : Aug 13, 2018
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30 USD every piece
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1 piece
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500 piece every week
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T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
carton box with foam box (Gift package is available)
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China [CN]
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carton box with foam box (Gift package is available)
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7-10 work days
Detailed Description

What is vacuum brazing?

Vacuum brazing refers to the workpiece heating in the vacuum chamber, which is mainly used for welding products with high quality and easily oxidized materials. The vacuum brazing furnace consists of pressure vessels with cylindrical side walls and doors, and the size and location of the doors are designed to seal one end of the cylindrical side walls. The workpiece handling system is mounted on the pressure vessel door to support the workpiece for heat treatment or brazing. The workpiece processing system includes a device for turning the workpiece during processing. The vacuum system can be connected to the workpiece so that the pressure inside the workpiece is lower than atmospheric pressure during the brazing process.


Advantages of vacuum brazing:

1. Vacuum brazing, without using solder, significantly improves the corrosion resistance of products, eliminates various pollution and pollution-free treatment equipment costs, and has good production safety conditions.
2. Vacuum brazing not only saves a lot of expensive metal solder, but also does not require complicated flux cleaning process, which reduces production cost.
3. The vacuum brazing solder has good wettability and fluidity, and can be used to weld more complicated and narrow channel devices.
4. Compared with other methods, the internal structure and clamping device of the furnace have a long life, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the furnace.
5. There are many materials suitable for vacuum brazing, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, titanium, nickel, Inconei, etc., which can be soldered in vacuum furnace. The designer determines the materials required according to the use of brazing devices, among which aluminum and aluminum alloy are most widely used.

Object of processing:

1. Various natural stones
2. Reinforced concrete of building materials
3.High strength ceramic tiles

Product features:

Powerful when drilling
2. Fast drilling speed
3. Long service life
4. High efficiency

Why choose our product

Our product’s advantages:
1.High grinding efficiency
2.Wonderful edge quality
3.Long service life
4.High polishing efficiency
5.Large Exports
6.Considerable after-sell service
7.Amazing performance
8.Various types and sizes available
9.Direct Factory Manufacturer
10.Backing/substrate material: Aluminum
11.Abrasive layer: diamond
12.Bond: vitrified
13.Excellent cutting edges
14.Reduced cycle times
15.Custom Engineered

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