PP PE waste films bags no water washing system and pelletizing line 500-1000kg/h

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PP PE waste films bags no water washing system and pelletizing line 500-1000kg/h...
Posting date : Aug 25, 2017
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40 GP container
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China [CN]
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40 GP container
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60 days
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Zhangjigang HAIBIN MACHINERY COMPANY ,The main production: PE / PP waste film anhydrous cleaning, PVC waste film without water cleaning, industrial waste film without water cleaning, woven bags without water cleaning, tons of bags without water cleaning series of waterless cleaning equipment, in Zhangjiagang City Jinfeng Town Built a large production base, with standardized water purification equipment production workshop, is a collection of scientific research, production and sales as one of the professional waterless cleaning equipment manufacturers, the annual production capacity of 50 sets.
Why trust HAIBIN, adhere to select the HAIBIN no water cleaning equipment?【HAIBIN no water cleaning and recovery equipment, more than 50 business users of the common choice】HAIBIN no water clean recycling equipment first proposed 24 hours fault repair, 18 months free maintenance commitment. From the date of installation of the anhydrous cleaning and recovery equipment, the service personnel shall provide timely guidance for the service personnel every three months within 18 months. For accidents caused by winding, congestion and other failures, received a feedback from the phone, 24-48 hours a dedicated customer service staff to follow up the maintenance, really save money more peace of mind, so worry-free after-sales.Purely from the price to compare the pipeline machine, basically can not reflect your value, HAIBIN cleaning equipment is more reluctant to cut corners, shoddy to do the price of the article.【No water cleaning and recovery equipment, high output, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and convenient】Production: up to 2000KG per hour, greatly improving the efficiencyEnergy saving: about 4KG of finished product can be recycled, preheating and standby power consumption of 30% energy saving.Environmental protection: do not use water resources, to avoid water pollutionSafety: The entire process in the equipment internal processing, separation of impurities, recycling materials. Do not have workers to contact the material, to avoid accidents!Convenient: intelligent control; user-friendly design, simple operation.【No water washing and recycling equipmentHAIBIN no water washing equipment: including belt feeder, shredder, feeder, waterless cleaning machine, gas-solid separation screen, dust removal system and transportation system. Mainly suitable for PE / PP waste film, plastic sheeting, film, industrial waste film, woven bags, tons of bags and other renewable materials, cleaning recovery.
【No water washing cleaning and recovery equipment, HAIBIN machinery manufacturers promise】About shipping:1, delivery time: section to 30 working days delivery.2, cooperation logistics: green direct logistics.
After-sales service:1, the warranty period, the need to replace spare parts, regular trade-in.2, more than the warranty period, the need to replace spare parts, only the cost of accessories charges.

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