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Negative ions powder/Anion powder useful on sale
Posting date : Oct 20, 2016
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Negative ions powder USES:(1) purification of air negative ions powder move anion in air is present in the "Z" glyph. And conveying negative for bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, charge and the combination of the particles together into a ball and sinks, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air.(2) eliminate indoor odor and all kinds of harmful gas In use in the process of interior decoration decorate material comes out of benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, irritating gases such as ammonia, and daily life leftovers stink, the peculiar smell of the cigarettes and other harmful to human, with containing anion powder wall cloth, curtain or containing anion powder coatings, such as the release of air negative ions can be avoided effectively.(3) health care function The negative ion fibre processing fabrics such as clothes, bed sheets, and indoor decoration with wallpaper, carpet, or containing anion powder coating, etc., has double function health and environmental protection, such as car with anion fiber fabric, can eliminate peculiar smell, car interior purification air, adjust the driver the excitement and inhibition of the nervous system, improve the function of the cerebral cortex to maintain good state of mind.(4) water treatment with negative ion powder to join the filtration material used in water dispenser filter core, can kill bacteria in water, increase the dissolved oxygen in water, or used in the bathroom with anion fiber bath towel water treatment, can accelerate water molecule movement, activity of ordinary water into water. Increased energy, easy to remove dirt, eliminate fatigue. The treated water is used for high-grade indoor green plant culture, can improve the survival rate of plants, and shorten the mature period, spraying to flower leaves, can extend the freshness of flowers 5-10 times.
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