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Fujian Yuxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Rongqiao Economic ZoneFuqingFujian State City China [CN]
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our company is a leading Chinese manufacturer of drinking water machines. The range of product variety, high quality, competitive price and satisfactory service have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in China.
We are happy to announce that after a long period of research and test, our latest products, Air Water Generator and RO Alkaline Calcium Ionic Water Dispenser are available now! They are just special, full of novelty and innovation. The first one converts humidity in the air into pure and potable water (NO WATER IS NEEDED), the second one produces alkaline calcium ionic water (USE ANY KIND OF CLEAN WATER, such as city water, river water etc.). No matter where you are, what the water supply condition is, we can always satisfy your needs for pure and healthy water by these two models. No more trips to stores. No more heavy jugs to carry. Unlimited drinking water supply is right at your home.
We are now in desire to make people worldwide share our exciting products.

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