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TEL : 007-867-2571905 / FAX : 007-867-2572207 / Mobile :
Krasnodonskaya St. 43 North Ossetia- Alania Vladikavkaz Russian Federation, CIS [RU]
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North Ossetia is in the Heart of the Caucasus Mountain Range that runs between the Black and Caspian Sea. It is the gateway that Marco Polo once traveled between Europe and Asia.

Asgard Xeda is a company that produces many exquisite and natural products. The Waters of North Caucasus Mineral Springs have a long history for their purity and healing properties. We have 4 different spring waters with healing properties, that would make an excellent exclusive private label for a health food company. Medical specifications on website.

Vladikavkaz is also the heart of the Vodka producing apex of Russia, due to the purity of the ingredients. We have very premium Luxe Grain Ethanol.

We have a new product that has been winning very high honors and awards in the construction industry worldwide.
"IR-1" is an Admixture for Concrete that increases its hardness and makes it waterproof. It is setting the standard for Concrete production all over the world.

YOu are welcome to view our website and you will find all of our specifications. We will be adding more products in the near future.

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