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jinnnan zhejiang xiangshan China [CN]
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Very glad to meet you through the network, and it´s also my good luck, I hope to begin the friendly cooperation between us from then on. I am a free businessmen specialize in wild aquatic products of East China Sea,which is famous for it´s nice quality and delicious taste in the world.After long time´s business,now I have much advantage to deal with fishery business relative to other trader, such as I have many large-scale processing factories have passed HACCP authentication as my seafood provider, I have good cooperation with many shiping companies, I have nice realationship with correlative Official organization,etc,so,I can complete all the seafood export procedures prestissimoly, such as processing,official inspection,and clearance of goods. mostly I export the seafood products as following:
armored weaselfish, snubnose brotula, Spiny brotula,spanish mackerel,frozen angler fish,frozen monkfish,frozen angler fish,frozen monkfish,silvery pomfret,white pomfret, dollarfish, harvestfish, white butter-fish, japanese butterfish,spine pomfret,pampano,small pamfret,wart perch,bluefin leatherjacket,drab filefish,filefish, black scraper,flathead fish,indian flathead,sand gurnard, common japanese conger,white-spot conger,conger eel,sweet fish,ayu,aku,bonito,oceanic skipjack,oceanic bonito,striped tuna,striped bellied tunny,water melon,hairtail, cut-lassfish,belt fish,small yellow croaker,little yellow croaker,large yellow croaker,Lagocephalus wheeleri,
Lagocephalus gloveri,japanese chub mackerel, pacific mackerel,spotted mackerel,southern mackerel,brown-striped mackerel scad,blue scad,Trachurus,savrel, horse mackerel,amber fish,blue mackerel,john dory,target perch,frozen white croaker surimi,frozen minced white croaker,frozen hairtail surimi,frozen minced hairtail,frozen blue scad surimi,frozen minced blue scad,frozen golden tail surimi,frozen red sea bream surimi,frozen yellow porgy surimi,frozen minced yellow porgy,sand-mud spiny lobster,japanese tiger prawn,red shrimp,uca leach,uca, calling crabs , fiddler crabs,swimming crab,jelly fish,octopus,octopus,squid,argentine shortfin squid,red oceanic squid.
Welcome to contact us,ningbowuhan@yahoo.com,or ningbowuhan@hotmail.com,
Best wishes for you!
Mr wuhan

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